Virtual Financial Director Service

A strong business idea is nothing without expert financial direction. Learn more about what our virtual financial directors can do for your business growth.

Virtual Financial Director Service Lakeweb Accounts Ltd

Getting the most out of the financial side of your business is the key that takes small-to-medium sized business to the next level. In larger enterprises, this kind of role is normally overseen by an in-house financial director on your payroll but your company may not be at the stage where it can afford to hire a full-time financial director.

That’s where we come in.

Expansion is built on wise financial decisions and that’s where our team of expert virtual financial directors can help.

From strategy to modelling, budget control to account management, having someone experienced on your side can make all the difference to that all-important bottom line. Our virtual financial directors are some of the best in the business, with nearly 25 years of share experience between them in helping SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs achieve their full potential with financial advice that gets results. They’ll not only guide you on your expansion journey, they’ll also give you the tools and key learnings you’ll need to succeed.

How does it work?

When you hire one of our virtual financial directors for your business, they’ll be available to you for your economic decisions, advising on financial planning and strategy ideas, expansion processes, financial systems and anything you think is relevant for your business and your industry. It’s all shaped around your needs and your business requirements – from one day a week to a few days a month, we’ll have you and your expansion plans covered.

Our VFD services

To help give a clearer idea of what our virtual financial directors can do for you, we’ve framed our services around four key points:

  • Financial and budget modelling – Foresight is everything in business and our foresight comes from making the right decisions, right from the start. The driving force behind that comes with financial modelling – that is, creating a mathematical model of your financial and budgeting strategies and observing how that model would play out as the financial year progress. Understanding how to create and implement those models is integral to your business’s success. Our experts have the mathematical expertise and business acumen to help you apply a model to your specific situation that takes into account different fiscal scenarios and different budget impacts, giving you the backing you need to create a watertight business strategy that works for you.
  • Monthly and quarterly accounts – Accounting can be one of the most complex parts of your business. Understanding how everything works is a tough task to ask of anyone, even those who are qualified accountants themselves. Our virtual financial directors are available to you to help you navigate your accounts, managing the flow of money and the legal side of your account setup so you can focus more on the more creative and more exciting parts of your business. Each of our directors have been handpicked for their experience with the accounting side of business, and depending on your needs, they can manage all of your monthly and quarterly accounts, keeping you up-to-date with every development to ensure the financial side of your business runs as smoothly as possible.
  • New system setup and implementation – As a business, you’ll want to be constantly evolving and developing your service to keep up with the demand of your existing customers and to draw others in. You’ll also want to be always looking to improve how things are done behind the scenes, including your financial systems. As experienced financial directors themselves, our team have set up and perfected all kinds of systems in their time, systems which have gone on to offer enormous advantages to everything from business analysis to payroll efficiency. If you’re looking to upgrade your business by installing new financial systems that help you work faster and smarter, our VFDs can assist you every step of the way.
  • Strategy creation and application – Good businesses are built on solid strategies and yours is no different. Planning for your future is something that should be done at every step of your business’ journey and that’s an area where a virtual financial director can prove to be a worthy investment. Our directors will sit down with you to draw up a business strategy that incorporates all the core pillars of financial planning including business plan, cashflow projection, budget structure and trading forecasts, giving you a clear path to success for your business. Our team will put their corporate wisdom, financial insights and business experience to work to help you give your company everything it needs to thrive.

Think we can help your business achieve its potential? Let’s get the ball rolling – talk to us today, either by emailing us at or by giving us a call on 020 3633 7871 or 01243 933871.